Page Ventures / NRES is a group buying foreclosed houses on the courthouse steps and then reselling them.  Their complete story can be found over at the renorealtyblog.

Here is an updated spreadsheet tracking their activities.  Items in red are updates from the March 22 report.  Items in blue are updates between the original January 14 post and March 22.  My Excel skills are a bit lacking, but you will get the general idea how they are doing.

Some points of interest:

–  Page Ventures looks like they made a rare misstep on 649 Alpine View in Incline Village  Purchased in October 2009 for $658,750, the list price has been slowly reduces and now stands at $729,000.  This will not  cover clean up, marketing and transaction costs.

–  The Page Ventures fund closed, and morphed into a new fund, NRES NV 1 LLP.  It appears this fund has now also closed, and NRES NV 3 LLP is the new entity.

–  They are venturing away from 100% courthouse steps purchases.  NRES 3 purchased 2 homes perviously foreclosed from HUD and Fannie.