So what’s up at one of Reno’s largest PUDs?

 – Witt Storage is one approval away from a 496 unit mini-storage / RV storage facility on Somersett Ridge Parkway just East of their existing facility. 500 units would have triggered an SUP or CUP under the new Planning Code. What a great entry statement for you community.

  • Chilcur – Just to the West of existing Witt, presumed to be more tin can sheds to store crap.
  • Bubble Wash – this Town Center proposal seems to be dying.
  • Boulders – 8 lots got sold as Toll exited the development. Planned as Toll-lite “custom” home at minimum SF and designed to AGC minimums.
  • Cliffs/Pointe – Both trying to hand off common space to SOA who will have to maintain them.

Buy warning on Somersett right now.