Here are some sites that I find helpful in researching the market and getting business done:

–  Washoe Recorder – You need to sign up, but it is quick, easy, and secure.  Virtually real-time access to recorded documents.  IRS Lien Notices are always fun.

–  Washoe Assessor – Search for property sales history, who owns what, and the “additional tax info” line will take you to property tax information.

–  NV Secretary of State – Search for the names behind corporate identities, or enter a name and see what entities they are a part of.

–  Assessment Management Group – The only place in the world that tracks the amount and status of special assessments on properties.  Use the “Parcel Detail Search” tab to search by APN or address.  AMG also posts the notices of sales for delinquent assessments.

–  Mitch Argon – By far the best real estate search site out there.  Sign up for Mitch’s monthly news letter – it’s awesome.

–  Sonic – I like this site for RE searches since it also picks up vacant land, commercial properties, and multi-family.  Updates at 8 AM each morning.

–  Reno PUD Handbooks – All in one place, an index of all the approved PUDs from Somersett to Mayberry Landing to Rancharrah.

–  Trustee’s Sales – LPS (sign up required with an with annoying password policy) and Priority Post are close to real time about what is going on at the courthouse steps, and combined pick up 70% or so of TDs.

–  PACER – Paid access to all Federal court cases ($.08 per page, with $10 free per quarter).  This is the cocaine of all web sites if you want to track legal actions.  Addictive and fun.

–  Marmot Properties – These are the go to guys for renovating your crack house into hipster housing.  Socially conscious capitalism at its best.

–  ABC Signs –  Need small quantities of campaign-style signs printed up for your project?  These guys out of Alabama ROCK and they are cheap.  Their web site gets confusing but gets the process started.  Family owned, and Greg is ultra responsive.


6 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. somersetter said:

    Good to have this all in one place.

  2. Danielle said:

    Can you tell me what type of business the “Verdian works” new construction is going to be?

  3. Love your blog. We are developing a vineyard/custom homesite development in Pleasant Valley. 30 acres divided into 7 3-5 acre parcels with an acre of grapes planted on each. Since the law was changed I think you are going to see many more vineyard developments here. Take a look at our website We also have a great group trying to get the vineyard and winery business started here. over 200 members growing or making wine.Call me at 9092688576 to discuss.

  4. Please add me to the mailing list for new posts
    Thanks! Great stuff!

  5. Love to have you on our annual panel meeting at reno real estate club. Ron Bell

  6. I moved from Chicago last year and just went back this last weekend. Where I lived downtown, old businesses have closed moved out, been demolished and 40story developments now stand completed in their wake. I see the same rapid growth is Austin Tx. Meanwhile parklane continues to lay essentially dormant, Jacobs has yet to break ground and countless other projects appear stalled; yet Reno’s economy is booming. I’m not suggesting adopting Chicago’s political atmosphere (the city/county are going broke) but why are other cities seemingly much faster at bringing developments to fruition? Any ideas how I or others can get involved to help change this?

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