HOA – The Novel

Prologue: I live in a development with a Home Owners’ Association (HOA). What a whacked out forum for the residents to complain about just about everything just because they can. “That house is being painted white!” Well actually, that is just a prime coat, losers. Even though this particular HOA doesn’t regulate paint color anyway. Steamboat Irrigation Ditch overflows, and one neighbor called the Sheriff to keep his other neighbor from crossing his land to stop the flooding. People are weird in general, and an HOA seems to bring out the worst in human nature.

So this page is dedicated to chronicling the foibles of a HOA and the residents it “serves”. Please feel free to add your stories about your HOA and your weird neighbors. I’m ready to post “Chapter 5, Bitch in Heat”, but want to start from the beginning with “The Woman Who Eats Road Kill”. Stay tuned.


1 thought on “HOA – The Novel”

  1. Patricia Brooks said:

    Who is the author of the above?

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