When a Master Developer (Declarant) establishes a PUD, they identify the land included in the PUD and also the “annexable land” they might want to bring into the PUD in the future on the same density terms as negotiated with the City. They can also annex up to 10% additional unit count with the same density on land not originally identified as “annexable”. Somersett at +/= 3500 units can annex in 350 additional units as well as transfer the 200 or so unutilized units under the current PUD.

Somersett recently completed a detailed review of their governing documents to update them and remove the Declarant. The Declarant wants to retain some of his original entitlements. Where are the most likley additons to Somersett as we know it today?

NW – These parcels above Toll’s Village 6 Cliffs project are already incorporated into the Somersett PUD and are ripe for a TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) of the unulitized units.

SE – Wade/Northgate I believe was involved in the original assemblage of Somersett. These parcels were deemed to difficult too develop and did not become a part of the PUD, but were identified as “annexable properties”. Maybe 125 or so units?

A good HOA keeps your assessments low. A great HOA is forward looking and protects the community by understanding future threats to it.