The Stan Lucas project located between West Meadows Estates and Somersett/Sierra Canyon will be back in front of the Reno City Council for reconsideration Wednesday night at 6 PM.  the Zoom meeting can be streamed live from the City’s web site or viewed on Spectrum channel 194.  The Council package is HERE under Item I.1.

The original project was denied by the Planning Commission, appealed to the Council where it was also denied, then submitted for Judicial Review which found in favor of the developer citing “animosity towards the MGOD”.  The findings of the Judicial Review were scathing of the Planning Commission and Council, and complimentary of Reno’s Planning staff.  Council must now review the project strictly within the terms of the MGOD and must have very, very good reasons to not make the findings for the project.

The revised plan removes 30 or so lot, in general meeting Planning’s original proposed Conditions.

A second gated emergency access road is proposed to connect to Reno’s easement to Cold Creek in the Cliffs.  There has been a lot of public comment about this reducing the existing “unmapped public road” that leads north to the properties farther up Peavine, but with gates at each end and sharing the road easement for a few hundred feet this should not be a problem.

MGOD is a planning world to itself, created out a legal settlement and codified in 2004.  It has it’s own set of rules and established densities and unit counts for the various Planning Areas.  Stan Lucas is Planning Area 1.  The 1250 unit Santerra project (also denied by the Planning Commission with the same flawed review standards) is Planning Area 3 and is being protested to Council.  The Drakulich Judicial Review will be held up a precedent setting.