Councilperson Duerr has THIS proposal to reduce the zoning on the Lakeridge Tennis Club parcel from CC (as approved by the Council a year and a half ago) to MF14 – 14 units per acre, 2 storey maximum on the Council agenda for 13 January. This would reduce development potential on the site from the 350+/- units previously proposed to 119. What the owners purchased under the current approved zoning for $8.2M might be worth $3.5M under her proposal.

Can you remember ANY other case where a Councilperson has initiated a zoning change? And one that would certainly put the City of Reno at risk for legal action for “taking”?

The red zone is the site.  Duerr’s proposal would be classic spot zoning.  She might have gotten some traction at MF30, but to propose such low density on a site that the Master Plan states should be highly developed due to availability of infrastructure is just a knee-jerk reaction to her NIMBY constituents.  Will the Council back her up?