The Reno Planning Commission is set to vote on the proposed Development Code Update this Wednesday. Approval by Council is scheduled for 8 December, and the Updated code will go into effect sometime in January depending on appeals. There is a lot of good in the Update, but also a lot of confusing layers of complexity. For a limited time, I am available to review your property and prepare a report on what the Update will mean to your development potential for $250 per parcel.

If you have properties in the Midtown, Wells, Plumas or Newlands Neighborhoods, a lot has changed (more changes to Wells next year!). If you own MF14 properties in Wells below Vassar, you may have a golden pass to MF30. And if you own MF zoned land anywhere in Reno, density bonuses may help you and your holdings achieve better returns.

Some Easter Eggs in the Update:

  • 5 storey 75′ height extended to 1.5 blocks from S Virginia Street.
  • Parking reductions in proximity to S Virginia and 4th Street.
  • Parking reductions in proximity to the Downtown MU districts.
  • Density bonuses in MF districts based on unit size.
  • “Free” zoning amendments for a limited time if you think they have it wrong.

Email me your property address and/or APN and your authorization to proceed to prepare a report for $250, and get a report within a couple days. Knowledge is everything!