What Verdi really really needs is 1491 more stucco shit boxes destroying the last remnants of what makes Verdi Verdi. The Santerra Development filed their first salvo today. THIS is the application summary. The fill submittal is available HERE. Go to the Project Info drop down menu and select Attachments.

The Mortensen Garson Plan, as crappy as it is, was always written in stone by the Hardesty legal decision. The rejection of the Stan Lucas project (at least temporarily) gives some hope the Reno may be coming to their senses and reevaluating growth in areas they cannot adequately service. I’m sure there is a traffic study for Santerra stating it will generate 6 total car trips and that the Garson Road interchange is completely adequate to service the new development plus the 400 or so planned Meridian 120 S units. A wildlife underpass half a mile detour away is adequate for bicycle traffic.

OK UMVs (Unwashed Masses of Verdi), where do we stand?