Reno is all about it until it is proposed and then they are not.  It is a ReImagine Reno Master Plan policy NOT to subdivide existing lots, yet maximum density is achieved on the smallest of lots.  In the Wells CC zoning district, a typical 7000 SF lot will yield a maximum of 5 1-bedroom units based on parking and trash enclosure requirements.  2 smaller lots can harvest 7 1-bedroom units and be parked to code. (MF30 zoning would allow 4 under current code).




Not so bad, 7 1-bedroom units.  An early duplex proposal for this site garnered a comment from planning that “this is EXACTLY what we don’t want to see in the Wells District”).

We in the planning and design industry need to stop getting the mixed messages of what Reno “wants”.  The current proposed Planning Code Update does not do enough to provide direction and in many cases will further stymie urban infill development.