So where are we?

– SFR sales are down, inventory down, median price steady.

– Multifamily sales are non existent, and offers have not closed.

– Commercial sales are non existent, and offers have been withdrawn.

Witching Hours:

    • 15 July – 2019 taxes due, as well as Q1 as Q2 quarterlies.  How many people deferred tax payment to make mortgage/ rent and will now be “owned” by the Government?
    • 1 August – Hiatus on collections expires.  What is the NOD level going to be?  I haven’t seen any specific data on late payments, but I do have confirmation on a significant increase in BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) from the lenders which suggest oh-uh.

Everyone is trying to feel normal right now, but it’s just not.  We are in inning 3.