San Lucas – 676 +/- units just west of Sierra Canyon/Somersett.  Reject unanimously by Reno’s Planning Commission and also on appeal to Reno City Council.  So it’s getting egal now with Reno and Stan Lucas both filing opening salvos.  The Planning Commission and Council both overturned Planning Staff’s recommendations.  Councilperson Jardon got vinctive which is out of character for her, and will be used against COR in the legal case.  This one has a good chance of being overturned by the courts.  Be that as it may, the project sucks.

  •  Lakeridge (former) Tennis Club –  Originally a zoning amendment to remove dated time share designations, Reno Land floated a proposal to save part of the club and build 200 new housing units for “upscale professionals”.  The motive was  very clear at the time – nuke Lakeridge – but Council bought off on it (as they should have, but don’t act shocked now Duerr).  The current proposal is for 300+ Active Senior Apartments and the tennis club is 70% demolished already base on a drive-by yesterday.  The SPR (Site Plan Review – Project Info/Attachments) was protested to the Hearing Examiner and was heard on 16 June 2020.  The results have not been released (I’ve viewed the video but the page has been moved), but whatever they are they will be appealed to Council and the submitted for judicial review.


  • Meridian 120 S – FINALLY approved by Council based on appeals by the UMVs (Unwashed Massed of Verdi), now heading for judicial review.  DOA in my opinion.

Why is every development project now a legal issue?


Stan Lucas sends request/demand for rehearing to Council, and it is agnedized for 22 July 2020.  I think it will be swatted away, but who knows?

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