Verdi Crossing is a proposed intensification of the Chevron parcel owned by Boomtown and located just west of the hotel/casino.  It includes moving the car wash, and building approximately 25,000 SF of new retail including a 7500 SF new freestanding casino with unlimited gaming.   More details are HERE, select Record Information / Attachments.

The gist of the Special Use Permit is to relocate the grandfathered Unlimited Gaming license from the proposed truck stop parcel located to the west of Cabela’s to this site to the east of Cabela’s.  The 24 acre truck stop site would be repurposed (the truck stop use is rather speciously deemed financial unfeasible due to Washoe gas taxes) for a more “productive” use like frankenwarehouses or apartments.

The proposed casino is the building on top to the north.  the new retail buildings are on the right to the east of the existing Chevron and its canopy.

Looks like a good project!  But this is from someone who has made far too many dinners from the rotisserie corn dogs at the mini-mart.