I applaud some very creative thinking on this project (I ran it up the flagpole when the property/lot was for sale).  440.5 E 7th Street is a new infill duplex on a very difficult 28×50′ lot.

Zoning is DRRC Downtown Reno Regional Center  where single family detached residences are prohibited – 440.5 was considered a non-conforming preexisting condition.  Reno Zoning Code would not allow the wonderful existing SFR to be demolished and replaced with a new SFR. (440 E. 7th in front of this is also a non-conforming SFR that burned – they were allowed to rebuild due to a code technicality.  440.5 probably should have called in Tony the Torch!).  The owner went through permit hell, and is now approaching completion.  The Plan Check Comments from Building without guidance on how to correct issues resulted all overhangs being deleted – unintended consequences as usual.

I would have skinned this differently with a studio/1bedroom on the 1st Floor and functional 2/3 bedroom unit in the 2nd Floor, but that is without knowing the owner’s pro forma.

In any case, props to the developer for creative thinking and navigating the Permit and Planning mazes.  I hope the project makes them some money for their efforts.