It is no secret that the Lakeridge Tennis Club has been in play for a couple years and that Chip Bowlby’s Reno Land has it tied up.  It is now proposed to be scraped in favor of a 340 unit active adult community (amenities do no include a tennis court!).  SPR FILING – on Record Info, open Attachments for the full filing.

At $44,000 per key (assuming the asking price) with asbestos laden presumably  demo ahead, this is really expensive dirt for that use.

Reno Land’s jenius is spinning their properties to gullible Funds and developers (Park Lane, Rancharrah, Meridian 120 S, where is 150 N Arlington?).  Drive the residential portion of Rancharrah next weekend  and bring along a barf bag or alternately a “chuck buc”.  $1M+ for these stucco shit boxes?  You will find very well paid shills walking their (rented?) horses around the development during showing hours!