First Look 2

Never confuse motion for action.  A marketing brochure or a prospectus does not equal a project.  But here is some stuff on the Radar:

UNR Gateway PlanThis is UNRs current Gateway Development plan.  What is most interesting is they have seemed to capitulate to Reno’s unreasonable demands and refusal to bargain, and this plan only requires a single alley abandonment (which is really not needed).   Easy Peasy = bad planning.

Keystoned Commons Site Plan-page-0Here is a screen grab from the leasing brochure on Keystone Commons.  300 units of housing and drive-thrus for everything except the bank in a zone where drive-thrus are prohibited.  Watch for this to sail through Planning.

661 Lake Image

661 Lake Student and Micro Housing.  On the site of the old Standard, this is dubbed the Double Standard.  The land has been listed on LoopNet for a couple years at $9.6M, but you can now buy it with consultants on board for $10.1M.

Ryland Apartments

Ryland Apartments, 118 units in a transitional neighborhood, submitted for a SPR (Site Plan Review).  If I were a betting man, I would not be laying down chips on this one.

Woolworths Elevation

Woolworth’s just won’t go way, and here is the latest “Make Pretty” scheme.   Jeff Frame is rolling his eyes!  The building is an asbestos farm, the structure is not designed to current codes for stability or life safety.  And can Reno survive without bowling in the basement?

Ennis Fine Furniture

How can you say Ennis Fine Furniture and not sing it?  There store is for sale or rent.  No idea if they plan to relocate, but I doubt it.

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