•  The OneR 70 unit apartment project in Midtown (Arroyo and Tonopah) is working its way through the permit and entitlement process.  Seems like it will become reality.
  •  Haskell Row is under construction.  The project will be 22 new market rate 1/1.5 apartments with nice, usable dedicates yards.  The renovation of 8 1-bedroom units at 1060 Haskell by the same owner is underway.
  •  5th and Keystone – The affordable senior housing component has dropped out, so the current plan is  300 units of market rate housing, 45,000 SF of food/retail, and a “signature building that will change the neighborhood”.
  •  The Arroyoplex by Marmot is 10 new 1 bedroom units in the Wells Neighborhood.  Construction has started, and 4 of the units will be handicapped adaptable  in accordance with the Fair Housing Act.
  •  UNR Historic Houses – The Gilbert Humphrey house (finally) was successfully moved to 655 Arlington and is currently being renovated.  I am currently working on the relocation plans for 829 Lake and 820 Center.  821 Center also seems to have a good  fighting chance to escape kindling status.
  •  Why did Greater Nevada Credit Union by the Pink Hill student housing project at  1385 N Virginia for $9.35M?   They had an $8,391,600 loan on the property.   Looks more like a distressed sale, but who knows.  Student housing is recession proof, right?