I am applying to you for a minor, low impact infill project that would really help me out with my housing crisis.  I would like to drop a 8×12′ Tuff Shed in my back yard and use it as a sleeping unit for Granny, who has come to live with me.  I will give her a key so she can use the bathroom in the main house and maybe use the kitchen – think of it as a “community center”!  Her room will have as much insulation as we can install even though it won’t be up to your adopted code minimums.  We will string and orange cord out there so she can have a few outlets and watch her soaps, run a heater and plug in a fan.  I know NRS prohibits electrical resistance as a primary heat source in a residence, but this isn’t really a residence, right?  RIGHT?

Hope Springs is the proposed 30 unit “mobile units on skids” project proposed for 400 E 4th Street, directly east of the 200+ unit Cells on Sage project.  The full application for the Special Use Permit is HERE, and the better graphics of what is proposed is HERE.  It will be constructed under a 3 year lease on City owned property and include a 3000 SF permanent Community Center that included restrooms and showers for the residents, as well as as “homeless food services” that could extend services to beyond the actual residents.

I’m all about finding solutions for our homeless/under homed population, and am acutely aware of the magnitude of the issues.  I am also acutely aware of the building code and planning requirements that drive up the costs of code complying workforce, “missing middle”, and even market rate housing.  Are we ready to loosen the codes for all construction and not just politically correct projects?  I really hope not, and adamantly believe that Hope Springs needs to meet IBC (International Building Code) standards.  Then best of luck with the project.