Reno City Council will be considering an over the transom offer from UNR to purchase 705 N Virginia Street tomorrow.  Reno purchased the former Savoy Motor Lodge site for $710,000  for their undefined planned “gateway” project back in 2007 after a deadly fire.  It has been vacant ever since, though Reno did demo the charred remains.

UNR wants the site so that they can build a new Jimmy John’s.  A little thing like a lease is stalling their purchase of JJs current building on 9th Street.  Reno has been having discussions the ROW folks about trading their lots directly to the north for the parking lot at 3rd and Sierra, creating a larger salable parcel for the City (student friggin housing).

My first impression was a gag response, but I’m seriously warming up to the proposed deal.  The ROW does a nice job maintaining their occasionally hobo infested lots as sort of an urban gateway park, and what say “University Gateway” better than a Jimmy John’s?