Don’t recognize the address?  It is the vacant lots surrounding the Park Tower condos at 280 Island.  It was once proposed to be the site of the Wingfield Towers condominium project, one of the most ambitious in Reno history.  Downtown Makeover has an interesting project summary on their Post Mortem page HERE.  I’m not sure the link to the fly through (“if you have high-speed internet” – a lot has changed over the last decade!) still works, but HERE it is on YouTube.

And if you order by midnight tonight, the development opportunity could be yours for just $9,498,000 or 4 low monthly payments of $2.5M.

The last decade has been a series of contentious lawsuits reaching the Nevada Supreme Court over some very interesting minutia all architects should be interested in regarding lien laws.  (start HERE and work backward on the Recorder’s site if you are interested).

Is is just me, or was the proposed Wingfield Towers a really beautiful looking project?