The Freight House District appears to be waking from the dead.  It was our original “entertainment district” which for many reasons became un-entertaining.  The related owners recently purchased APNs 011-074-07, 08, 12, and 13 for $2.4M.  I’m sure these were tied up earlier for less during the original Freight House Fenzy, and I’d love to be Chaves right now!

Does Reno need an “entertainment district” at all?  Do we need 2 with whatever Jacobs is planning for the Fountainhead District on W 4th Street?  Will they compete for excellence, or grovel to the lowest common denominator?  Bubba
Gump’s Shrimp Company, table for 5?

It’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about it, but I believe the Freight House is still in a STAR Bond District, eligible for up to a 75% reduction in property taxes.  Fountain District is not a STAR district, and has so far not (publicly) asked for TIF (tax incremental financing, reduced property taxes in lieu of public improvements) to reduce their tax burdens.  I sorta don’t think they will given how they have operated so far.  As much as I dislike some of Jacob’s tactics, I sort of appreciate their development approach so far, even when I diss them.

So Jacobs, how is that Spring of 2018 unveiling of your Fountain District plans coming along?  Will competition get you to the megaphone?