LCD18-00065 Reno Gateway Business Park will be heard by the Reno Planning Commission at 6 PM Wednesday evening.  It is a Washoe project but withing the Reno SOI.  It is requesting cuts and fills over the standard limit in order to construct 100,000+ SF on mini-storage and 344,000 SF of 40’+ high logistic space (frankenwarehouse).  Here is a MAP with the warehouse buildings sketched in.

The Staff Report is missing a complete Exhibit 1 purported to show the visual impacts from the Scenic Overlook / Historic Markers / Truck pull out heading eastbound.  A Traffic Study is referenced, but not attached to this Staff Report.  These factors alone should result in a continuance, but that can’t be guaranteed.

Have any one of you not almost rear ended a vehicle entering I-80 eastbound at the blind uphill Mogul on ramp, or almost been rear ended yourself by trying to make room for merging traffic?  This proposal would add a significant volume of slow accelerating semi trailers to the already dangerous condition.  Westbound is even worse.  There is not an NDOT report in this Staff Report.

This is a weird project based on the jurisdiction, SOI, and the developer’s earlier attempt to exclude Reno from the approval process.  But it is a really bad project that will exacerbate already dangerous freeway conditions.  Raise your voices!