Or at least remodels.   A permit to remodel the Crest Inn was just submitted for the 46 unit property.  The $200,000 permit value is a bit meager, but this is the first forward-moving permit we have seen from Jacobs and the Fountain District.  Unless you count the surface parking lot across  the street.

  • “Perhaps” related is the demo permit next door at 501 W 4th Street.  Only the canopy at this time with storage tank permit removal to follow. I assume the”gas and go” will follow.
  • Park Lane is moving forward with an SUP for mini storage as their opening gambit.  This 3 storey junk storage barn will effectively prevent neighborhoods to the East to benefit in the changes Park Lane will bring to the neighborhood.  And do we really need an additional 8 unit RV storage facility in a Transit Corridor?  Jeez, $3M in sewer credits and Reno gets mini storage?  I want a rebate.
  • Mo Costo – Costco is expanding by 20,000 SF into the adjacent old Office Depot tenant space on Harvard Way.
  • Lakeridge Tennis Club is on the market again for $15M, with schematic plans for an entire makeover that may or may not include tennis.
  • ADUs Ain’t for Yuz – At least not in Reno when the Planning Commission unanimously reject the ordinance proposed by Reno Planning.  I was a member of the Professional Focus Group for the ordinance, so got a bit of an inside view.  I may (or may not) post my comments about the ordinance and the process initiated by the Mayor and the Council as a knee jerk reaction to a “housing crisis”, but for now will leave you with a couple of links to consider:
  • How Cities Get Granny Flats Wrong
  • Does the Public Really Wan Dramatic Change?  Make sure to read the comments!

Any projects you want updates about?