Are Costco’s bare bulb LED Edison string of lights violating the CCRs of “dark skies” development like Somersett? People LOVE them, and they create a great mood for under $50.  But they seem to violate CCRs.  I’ve asked the International Dark-Sky Organization for their opinion and feedback.  Are the HOAs being silly and petty, or fighting the good fight?

  • Wish I could rotate this, but WP is fighting me tonight.  Want to buy a church on the National Register of Historic Places?  590 Pyramid in Sparks is your ticket.  Here’s the LISTING and here are some PHOTOS from the National Registry.  What do you do with a property like this?  And why have the current owners painted the base and pilasters of a historic (really and for true this time) property?  Does defacing architecture generate more converts?


  • The ArrowCreek golf courses have yet another new OWNER.  Seller was the Friends of ArrowCreek, affectionately know in the community as the FOACers.  $4,972.759.  Buyer is Lucky Star Golf LLC out of Florida. will probably have the full scoop soon, and is a great source to trace all the history of this trouble marriage.
  • MIA – Park Lane Mall Residential
  • MIA2 – Wildflower Village Luxury Apartments.


  • Can anyone please explain to me why our greatest construction focus seems to be on mini storage?  Do people not just throw crap out anymore, or there just no place to store things in the 20×20 garage Toll Brothers build for $1M+ homes?