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Posted from an email:

We have a squatter who has moved into the house across the street with no power or garbage service.  He has been running a generator 24/7 for a couple of weeks before another neighbor went over there and told him to stop.  He has since started building a fire in the back yard to cook his meals and plays loud music late at night as well.  The owner has been reported missing and is on the national missing persons list.  We have called Reno PD and also reported this to Monica Rios and Mariah over 2 weeks ago. They came out when Reno PD arrived and talked with them and they exchanged info but basically Reno PD knew about Joanne being missing. PD that came out said nothing they can do about the code violations and that our HOA should be handling that.  One cop did say that he would pass the info onto code enforcement but since Monica took over we are unable to get ANY information.  She claimed confidentiality and if we want to call 911 to report the fires then we could do that.  We have no idea what is being done by our HOA other than sending out a letter as per Monica.  The violations continue to escalate.  The lawn is dying, trash is piling up next to his fence and rats have been seen and the smell is bad and now this banner. The PD social welfare dept also came out because he was reported to have made threats against the Archbishop in San Francisco but still it isn’t enough.  Just now he has hung this large banner in front of the house and started yelling at my neighbor who went outside to look.  This man is obviously mentally deranged and everybody we have spoken to has confirmed including the police but nobody is doing anything.  What the hell is our HOA worth if they refuse to let us know what they are doing yet they will be quick to issue us a violation if we have weeds or leave our garbage can out one extra day????? 

Can you give us some advise?  The address of this house is 821 Larrimore Trail.

There goes the neighborhood.