The Fountain District has applied for their first permit for new work.  An impressive 104 space surface parking lot serving all the wasteland their demo has created on 4th Street.  They have also closed on additional properties – The In-Town motel at 260 W 4th Street, the Lido Motel at 280 W 4th Street, 428 Ralston, 436 Ralston, 0 Ralston APN 007,281-17, and 430 W 5th Street.  The land cost under the motels was over $200/SF.  No one else can compete with Jacobs’ deep pockets, and it is sucking the air out of all other downtown redevelopment.  And I can;t help but think that the “Row” isn’t going to be very supportive of any Special Use Permits that the Fountain District will require.

  • At least one of the threatened houses at the UNR gateway may get new life.  655 Arlington/501 St. Lawrence is going through the process to be on the 20 June  Planning Commission meeting.  Got to brag – this is a MAC project.  You can roast me at the 7 June NAB 1 meeting.


  • Before Meridian 120S even gets their 75 units approved out at Boomtown, they have applied for a Tentative Map for 285 attached “single family. units.  Though they look pretty, they are just a dulled up version for the Estancia 3-plex model that nobody really shows any love for.  What’s with that full 1 mile dead-end road servicing the project?  Didn’t Flood Plain Andy witness the fires that surrounded the site last Summer.


  • Toll Brothers received Final Map approval for the first 48 lots in their Cliffs project at Somersett Village 6.  They will join Desert Wind at Village 1A, Ryder’s The Pointe at Somersett/SBE, Argos at Meridian 120N and Meridain 120S chasing the $600,000 list $900,000 sell market.  It’s getting a bit crowded chasing the RICCOHs (Rich Californians Coming Over the Hill), when you add in Homecrafter’s Pine Bluffs and Tim Lewis’s Whimpering Canyon.