Probably 80% of the properties in the “UNR Gateway” between  campus and I-80 are crap or irredeemable and scraping them for campus development wouldn’t cause me to lose sleep.   A couple of the properties might be architecturally interesting enough to be worth moving, and a couple are actually historically worth preserving in situ and developing around.  Bungalow Hugger will, I’m sure, take me to task over my lack of sympathy to “context”, but crap is not context that needs preservation (4th Street Motels).

I’ve always stood by the university’s right to determine their own path, and have been bemused by their stonewalling of the preservation expert “stakeholders” who demand a seat at the table.  But UNR just pissed me off no end by issuing an RFP to relocate the homes with a 2 day deadline to register and put down a $500 home tour deposit.   I’m trying to register, and am still awaiting approval, but it seems I require human verification.

Why the sudden rush, UNR?  The PR backlash is going to kill any goodwill your have created.