Just when I got depressed by the lack of housing action, I realized that I have around 50 units of new housing under construction or in the pipeline near downtown.  The development process in Reno is glacial, and I truly forget what’s actually being built.

Tonopah Row – 8 new SFRs in duplex configuration for Blake Smith.   These will be for sale product, and probably priced at $600,000+.  They are a slightly dumbed down version of the Midtown Loft alley units.

261/263 Thoma – A new rental duplex for the Marmots, already dried in.  Very small units, and the project survived 5 Planning and 4 Building reviews due to a crotchety neighbor.  The scrutiny on this project triggered Reno to craft their new definition of “bedroom”, though we were always code compliant.

446/448 Roberts – Sort of a twin to the Thoma Project, permits are ready to issue but construction will lag a bit.

541/543 Sinclair – Another Marmot rental duplex, this is a riff on their 130 Caliente project.  Slab should be poured later this week.

Haskell Row – 22 rental lofts in duplex configuration, and not aiming for the low end of the market to be sure.  I’m really proud of this project after working on it for almost 3 years with various owners.  How it had to adapt to Planning code and the lack of City infrastructure is a story I will tell once permitting is complete.

Arroyo Cluster – The Marmots have successfully challenged Reno Plannings previous erroneous denials, and are gearing up on 10 new 1 bedroom units and a remodel of the existing 237 E Arroyo.  Permits are submitted for a new 4-plex and a new duplex, as well as the remodel.  A second 4-plex is ready to submit.  These units are all small, but the ground floor units of the 4-plexes are all designed to be Accessible Type B units.  Construction late 2018?

I doubt that any current Reno neighborhood residents will be able to afford to by or rent any of these properties as a primary residence.  Does that make me an evil enabler?