Has it really been this long between posts?  I’ll try to start catching you up on all the action (or lack thereof).

  •  Park Lane has filed for their first Site Improvement Permit.  In general, it is the southern part of their property that was to be “garden apartments” in one of their press releases (though their marketing site hasn’t been updated in months).  APNs 15-220- 71 through 74.  Closer to code conforming, but Planning better have comments on the non-conforming parking facing Grove Street –  We all need to be evaluated on an even playing field.
  • Student Housing – I’m tracking somewhere between 2500 and 3000 bedrooms of student housing around UNR right now.  The project at 6th and NVA is in Site Permit review right now, though the title hasn’t transferred yet.  UNR better up their enrollment to meet the capacity of rooms coming on line!
  • Somersett Walls a Falling – The SOA has filed suit against anyone still standing for construction defects on all of the rockery walls on their common spaces.  Repairing the 2 current major failures is a $2.5M cost, and one of the failures on Trail Ridge is on property that the Country Club is probably responsible for.
  • Mill Street Lofts project is most likely dead.  The project is being marketed on Loopnet as an office play.
  • World’s Smallest Water Park?  Go Eldorado!  I think the may be only trying to smoke out Fountain District and Grand Sierra on their plans for similar facilities.

I’m back and I’m bad!  I never report on my own projects, but there is some serious push the envelope shit on the table right now.  Is Reno ready to trash the book and get some affordable housing solutions built?  Nah, Planning has their 1200 page bible to flog you with on anything you propose.