Nevada River Inn 322 N Arlington

Jacobs, just STOP.   Demo permits were submitted today to nuke the Deep Sleep Inn, the Star of Reno, and the Nevada River Inn on N Arlington Street to make way for the ephemeral “Fountain District”.  I am the biggest urban renewal fan out there, but this is 60 more units added to you clear cutting of W 4th Street and we haven’t seen a hint of what you plan in replacement.  I’m sure these weeklies were absolute hell holes, but maybe a more humane business model would be to improve the living conditions for the residents until you need (and have approvals for)  the land, whatever your project is going to be.  The somewhat historic The Patio bar on W 5th Street was also added to the scrape list.

It looks like Silverwing Development is gearing up for a 10 storey project called the Deco in downtown Sparks at 955 C Street.  In the mean time, I’m battling Reno Planning to build a 2 storey skyscraper in the Wells District in Reno.  Sparks has added over 500 new units of housing in their Downtown Redevelopment District over the last couple years, while Reno has managed to produce 30 or so.

I truly wish that I had news to post more often, but there is surprisingly little going on in Downtown Reno, my primary focus.  Jacobs is silent on the Fountain District.  W 2nd Street District  has finally stopped beating their own drum.  Park Lane seems to be moving along, but no permits or detailed plans have been made public, and their web site hasn’t been updated in months.  I have over 75 units in the working drawings in Downtown/Midtown/Wells, but can’t disclose until the permits are issued (and maybe not even then).

Wait a minute, 10 stories in downtown Sparks, and Reno’s primary thoroughfare S Virginia Street is capped at 5?  And a half a block off SVA is capped at 2?  Go figure where the development dollars are going.