Are we about to get the Reno Eye?  Jacobs Entertainment has applied for a trademark for “Reno Eye” with the description of IDENTIFICATION
Amusement park rides; amusement park rides including Ferris wheels.  The full trademark filing document is HERE.  Jacobs has also applied for Fountain Hotel and Casino, Fountain Casino Hotel, Fountain Gardens, Reno Fountain District, and Reno Live.

I’ve been giving Jacobs a hall pass on the acquisitions and demolition projects.  They seem to be pretty responsible in aiding the residents displaced from their demolition efforts.  But my patience is wearing thin, and I’m not going to remain silent much longer unless a real build back plan is revealed soon.   I’m not sure a Ferris wheel is the solution to W 4th Street, and question the entire concept of an “Entertainment District”.  How did the Freight House District play out for us?  This Strongtowns article is a must READ.

  •  Park Lane filed a BLA (Boundary Line Adjustment) for their properties.  They didn’t have to go though the Parcel Map or Subdivision Map processes due to the number of original parcels.  The new parcels are at least generally aligned with the proposed development phases.  Reno Land / Park Lane isn’t really a “developer” but more of an entitlement flipper (Rancharrah, Meridian 120).  It is sort of comforting that the steps to the flip are falling into place, and manageable development tracts are being created.


  • You all know my war on required parking minimums – I believe parking should be a business decision and not a Planning ultimatum.  THIS ARTICLE from Strongtowns has some great graphic examples of what parking minimum policy does to destroy redevelopment in general, but especially in the areas of our cities we most cherish.


  • The stoopid MLS listing of the week goes to 8190 and 8220 Desert Way.  Advertised as zoned “High Density Residential” when in fact HDR is county High Density Rural zoning with a 2 acre minimum lot size.  Not to say the parcels don’t have some development potential, but over $100,000 per developable dirt lot (assuming Reno SF15) ain’t gonna fly.  The link is to Mitch Argon’s site, and it will probably ask you to subscribe to view the listing (or you could search for it on  The site is spam free, and is by FAR the best real estate web site out there.  I recommend subscribing to Mitch’s quarterly market reports – they rock.