TMRPA has published a very informative list of PUD projects that are approved or at least approved to the Tentative Map level.  60,000 SFR and MF units.  You can kiss the 12,000 Spring Valley / Winnemucca Ranch PUD good-bye (hasn’t the land been sold?  Whatever happened to their plan to grow weird trees for carbon credits?), but Butler Ranch is asking to go from 1500 to 4700 units in a critical flood plain, Stonegate (at Council this week) and Train Town combine for new 7000 units, Ballardini Ranch is lurking around for 1700 units.  I think the 60,000 units is a pretty good estimate.  This number excludes development out of PUDs, like all of the “luxury apartment” complexes you see sprouting up on every vacant corner.  Reno has a list of all the PUDs in their jurisdiction if you want to dig a little deeper.  Where is the Master Plan required development within the McCarran Loop?

Tentative Maps usually have a 2 year fuse to complete their first Final Subdivision Map.  I have never seen a single PUD denied an extension or multiple extensions to their Tentative Map approvals.  It’s time for that to end, and force the developers to build or sell to parties better equipped to build.

Butler Ranch – Approved by the Planning Commission and City Council for 1500 units in 2006 before being blocked by TRPA, they are back seeking 4500 unit.  Interesting entitlement plan afoot.  The current developer bought the tract for less than $1000 per proposed raw lot with his eyes wide open, and knows that the 4700 unit proposal is a non-starter.  Compromise back to the previously rejected 1500 units with increased height and density outside the critical flood plain?  Reno is claiming critical housing shortage (“attainable” housing, Andy?) and will be hard pressed not to come the negotiation table on this one.

 Wood Rodgers is the current rock star of our local planning world, and has earned the respect of both the public and private sectors, and even a blogger or two.  Their decision to shill this project saddens me.