–  Apple has finally filed for the permit for their 27,000 SF receiving facility at 520 Evans Street.  Interesting that Planning has not updated the processing status on this one to show approval of the required Special Use Permit.  I remember when this facility was supposed to create 200+ consultant jobs.  Now it looks like 6 grunts to unload trucks.

  •  I don’t remember if you remember the NIMBY uprising a couple of years ago when Lakeridge proposed razing the Lakeridge East apartments and replacing them with denser 3 storey structures.  The owners eventually tanked, but an adjacent property is asking for a zoning change that would allow 240 or so new units on land currently Zoned Private Office.  It is a reasonable change ( I would have asked for CC instead of MF21), but expect a lot of noise on this one.


  • There are signs up on McCarran for the sale of the Ballardini Ranch property just south of Belserra.  You can search this site for earlier details, but the property is approved for about 1700 units and maybe up to 3000.  The sign is too small to read at 50 MPH – anyone want to stop and get the contact information for me?
  • 1130-1154 California is on the market.  One of the strangest and most charming developments in Reno.  Overpriced 50%, but the site of our real Tiny Houses.