Reno City Council just moved forward with an ordinance to force current Adult Businesses in the Downtown / Redevelopment Districts to get the fuck out in 6 months, or 5 years if they comply with business killing regulation.  I have never been more embarrassed by the gross stupidity of Reno government.

These 6 businesses are legally established today as non-conforming existing land uses.  The standard being used to boot them into de facto combat zones in Industrial zoned areas is the ephemeral “secondary effect” doctrine.  Titty bars and titty bars alone exert negative effects across the neighboring area according to the evidence presented at Council.  Oh wait, NO evidence was presented at Council whatsoever on secondary effects.  And certainly no evidence was presented representing Reno’s specific case as a downtown with unlimited gambling and Federally illegal recreational and medical marijuana retailers.

So Karl Hall, Reno’s elected City Attorney, sent private Dicks to the titty bars to check out the action in case they filed suit over the ordinance, which they rightly will.  The results of these questionably legal incursions were presented to each Counsel member evidently, with enough impact to apparently swat their votes.  Brekhus would never have voted for this, but was appalled by the PI report.  So what did Karl do?  Did he report the findings of his investigation to Reno Code Enforcement?  To the Reno Police Department?  Nah, protected by attorney/client privilege. Karl Hall’s skill set has cost Reno taxpayers over $1M and counting on his mismanagement of the Clinger affair, and look at Tittygate to cost another $10M (I’m dead serious about the costs) because he overstepped his authority.  I seriously double anything his incursions turned  up will be admissible, given the process.

This is all happening because of the Wild Orchid,

in spite of any city wide policy the talk heads espouse.  The Keshmiri family who owns it has constantly tweaked Reno’s nose, specifically about their (worst ever resolution) digital billboard at the corner of SVA and California.  It is actually the case that got me activated in Reno planning issues, and I had total respect for Reno Planning holding their nose and defending the sign.  I’m losing that now.  Keshmiri’s now promise to demo the sign, but to little to late.  There tackiness is having consequences.

Is the Wild Orchid really the problem, or is it the weekly Ponderosa weekly motel (also Keshmiri) behind it?  Code Enforcement knows, and they are silent to date.

The Council seems whacked out right now, and this ordinance has a couple more iteration to go through before it is enacted and becomes law.  Get involved.   Think about this lucidly.  Is banning architectural offices downtown because of our “secondary effects” next in line?  Are you really offended by the Men’s Club?

Suzie’s?  You’ve driven past it a 100 times and weren’t offended. Do you want to create a combat zone of strip clubs only accessible by a 10 mile car ride, then be oh so shocked by drunk driving arrests?  Tell you councilperson to stop this stupid initiative. Keep Reno Reno.