Lots happening on the Western Frontier:

  • The long closed Taco Bell at Gold Ranch is transforming into a 24 Hour Subway with a drive-thru.
  • The Verdian Works is going vertical.  Still rumored to be a facility to renovate vintage trains.
  • West Meadows Estates by DR Horton continues terraforming for 323 homes.
  • Meridian 120 N just started site work for their 273 homes.
  • The new water tank to serve the private Boomtown system and the Meridian 120 projects is rising S out I-80.
  • Meridian 120 S is in front of the Planning Commission this week for a Tentative Map for 78 Units.  Reno Planning forced the developer to acknowledge that  this is in a Major Drainageway (thanks, Nathan!).  But I can tell you from over 15 years living in the neighborhood, this project is gonna flood no matter what accommodations are constructed.
  • Toll Somersett Village 6.  Everyone thought it was going to be sort of hidden away, but it is going to be one of the most prominently visible pieces of the Somersett PUD.  Treat yourself to a meal and a beer at the Sasquatch, and then take a look at what you see driving back East on old US 40 aka W 3rd Street.
  • No news on the Stan Lucas properties just West of Sierra Canyon and East of West Meadows Estates except some easement adjustments.  A potential of 666 homes, 132 only accessible from Sierra Canyon via Bennett’s Court.
  • Kronish owns 1000 acres above West Meadow Estates spanning from the Stan Lucas properties to above Riverdale in Verdi.  A few additional lots are being prepared in Riverdale, but the potential for another massive development exists.  General Rural Zoning is for suckers.