• Park Lane – I wanted to report on just what this development is going to be, but every single source of information I have found is showing different plans.  1200 units or 1600?  Grocery store or no grocery store (my bet is no)?  There are no permits filed for real construction to track.  The developer Reno Land is on record bitching about the permit process, and this is why their projects have a hard time gaining traction – lack of transparency and a moving target.
  • Smithridge – Smithridge is a 600+ unit condo complex from the ’70’s that is of my bellwethers.  Units got bid up to over $225,000 on the boom, fell to $75,000 in the bust, then appreciated to $140,000 and held there for at least 6 months.  Then instantly jumped to $155,00 with takers, and now $165,000.  Rents were around $850 in the bust, but are now $1250+ according to the Craig’s List listings.
  • University Housing Part II – There is an application to abandon the alley from 6th to 7th between NVA and Center.  I can’t tell what the actual extent of the abandonment really is – The Travelodge seems to need the alley for fire separation, access, and garbage pick-up.  I can only speculate that the Berengo parcels are included, but Schneider would not be proposing this without NNUD as the master.  Sniping the Standard  or equal from Italian Capital across he street?  Priceless!