A 10 unit townhouse/condo development is coming towards Somersett.  Sited on the “golf lot” adjacent to the Club, it is an allowable use under the CCRs for the community.   The project will be a lump roughly the size of each Town Center commercial building, so should fit in rather OKish scale wise.

Toll Brothers is dismantling their double-wide sales center with “$25,000” pergola at their Boulders project, and is presumably moving over to Village 6.  Lots of Quick Delivery homes at the Boulders.

The developer lots in Somersett are starting to run out.  Lennar is building up Verdi View now (there will in fact be some spectacular views), Ryder is getting started in SBE, Hillbrow is also active in SBE, and Lewis is getting active again.  The only surprise ahead is Toll Village 1A – a bead of 96 narrow lots taking off from the formerly “exclusive” River Hill Way and dying back into Somersett parkway at Whisper Rock.

What’s above Somersett?  Well it ain’t public land, that’s for sure.  Maybe a 1000 acres with guaranteed access within the development starved Reno Sphere of Influence.   So much of what we consider as “public lands” on the periphery of current developments are in fact in private hands are are develop-able.  Look at Caughlin  Ranch.  It is NOT the end of potential or proposed development.