Stonegate is a proposed 4217 unit primarily residential development west of 395 in the North Valleys.  I believe the 2nd or 3rd largest single project currently proposed up there, which gives you an idea of just how many units are in the pipeline.  It is coming before the Planning Commission Thursday evening at 6 PM.  The meeting is live on Charter 214 or you can stream it on the City’s website or go to City Hall in person, but don’t miss this meeting.  Reno appears to have grown a pair is saying “no”.

HERE is the Staff Report – it clocks in at 362 pages, but it is well worth reading.  Some take-aways:

  • Reno would prefer that the zoning remain unchanged, primarily Industrial which creates jobs (though generally near minimum wage).
  • The tone of the Staff Report is clearly irritated.  It would appear that back room negotiations have broken down.
  • This Staff Report uses a lot of new jobs and housing data from the studies that are informing the Master Plan update.  There are nuggets here (though some look to be pyrite).
  • For the first time I have seem, Reno Planning is “suggesting” percentages of affordable housing they might find acceptable, and the income levels that should be targeted.
  • The developer owns at least 336 acres east of 395 that are not part of this development proposal.  I could be developed to include the service Planning found to be lacking in the Stonegate submission.
  • Reno has already approve bigger and farther out projects in the North Valleys, so their reticence on this one is a little hard to defend.

This appears to be a shot across the bow, a line in the sand from Reno Planning as to what sort of development they currently find acceptable.  I don’t disagree with them, but I know the “development community” of the Old Boys is going to go apoplectic.

Never forget that the Planning Department’s Staff Report is purely advisory to the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission can accept it, reject it, or ask or additional conditions.  Nothing will be resolved Thursday evening, but the tone of the debate and the players who start showing their cards should be fascinating.  When finally approved by the Planning Commission, Council will have to approve the project.   McKenzie No.  Brekhus No.  Delgado No.  Duer No after discussing it for at least an hour.  My guess is Jardon No, Bobzian No, and Mayor Shieve No.

This is going to be great a test case with far-reaching implications, and I am not really sure what the legal grounds are to reject the Project.  So watch and listen!