This is where I honed my miniature golf skills during high school.  And right out front is where Dad handed over the Beetle and let me go solo an a stick shift for the first time.  Good memories,and I’m glad to see Par-King is still around 50 years later.

But I want to drop the hyphen and talk about parking in Reno.  HERE are the general requirements, though they are adjusted in specific Districts.  Midtown and Wells do not require parking for Bar, Restaurant, or Retail uses.  Downtown Reno Regional Center California District does not require parking for ANY land use – go figure.

Why?  Who came up with the parking standards currently in use?  Sedway.  Has there ever been any attempt to prove out their assumptions on what should be parking requirements?  No.


From what I can tell, these images were taken sometime on a work day – all the spaces downtown at the Courthouse were full.  Just look at how much of our city is useless, unused asphalt.  It seems retail parking standards assumed the worst case of 3:00 PM Christmas Eve as the baseline.  I have NEVER seen the W parking lot at the NW Home Dept serve as customer parking, and I have never seen the E parking lot even 50% full.  Same with the NW Wally World and Total Wine on SVA (with another vacant parking lot at the Home Depot across the street).


Why is the parking requirement for DRRC generally 1 per unit, when the actually populated and walk-able Midtown and Wells Districts are higher?  Why does Reno (alone in the region) round parking requirements UP, making Midtown parking requirements actually higher than Somersett for an equivalent unit?  Sparks specifically rounds down, and has in fact eliminated guest parking requirements from the MUD districts (Mixed Urban Development, their equivalent to Reno’s transit corridors).


Reno is in the process of revising their Master Plan.  As far as I can tell, they are changing some titles and really doing nothing substantive.  Huge gaffes in existing zoning are just being played forward.  HERE is their interactive map to see what is proposed in your neighborhood and citywide.

Reno is planning to get around to looking at Title18 Zoning Code at some point, which includes parking standards.  There is a backlog of several hundred text amendments already in the queue, and Planning continues to focus on things like Bedroom definitions to placate squeaky wheels instead of big picture issues.  STFU works in the private sector, but the public sector needs to respond to constituent input.  I wish it were being done in a much more proactive way instead of constant capitulation to whoever bitches the loudest.

I’m am obviously frustrated that the ReImagine Reno process doesn’t seem to re-imagine anything at all.