Yes, I’m a bad boy, and this Administrative Decision was probably based on a project I have in the permit loop.  “Bedroom” is not a term defined in the International Residential Code (nor IRC Commercial for that matter), NRS or Reno Code.  So Planning came up with one.  They missed the IRC requirement that a  habitable room requires a  minimum 7′ dimension, the missed the Washoe Assessor’s definitions, and they missed generally accepted MLS standards.  But they have covertly established a new definition of “bedroom”.

The complaint that initiated this Administrative Ruling came from a disgruntled neighbor who’s own property is a Code Compliance complaint in the flesh.  Why Planning is taking his vacuous ravings seriously is beyond my ken, but it has cost  my client several thousand of $$$ to respond to.  And in the end, the unit count and parking is A-OK.  Who can we back-charge?

Planning’s ruling was meant to “clarify” an issue in Midtown/Wells, but has far reaching impacts.  Every “office” in every production builder’s portfolio now needs an additional parking space.

Local decisions have regional impacts.  And COR will be held accountable on this one.