Why is Midtown and the rest of Downtown such a pit today after over a decade of redevelopment work?  Maybe it has something to do with what the potential developers have to work with courtesy of COR.  I’m not dissing the requirements, just telling you what they are.

  • Trash Enclosures – Buried in the Landscape and Screening section of the code. Trash Enclosures are required for BUILDINGS containing more than 4 units.  You can have as many tri-plexes as you want without triggering the 11×10′ trash enclosure.  Go figure.
  • Handicapped Parking – The requirement for HC parking gets triggered at 5 units total on a parcel.  Reno Planning should be picking this requirement up on the ir Plan Check Reviews, but they routinely miss this.
  • Sprinklers – A duplex doesn’t have to be sprinkled. but anything from a 3-plex an up does.  $5000 per unit on the average.
  • Codes – 2 units are IRC (International Residential Code, 3 and above are IBC (International Building Code).  A tough estimate is an additional $5000 per unit based on the code upgrades.
  • Code 2 – We have adopted the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.  Conservation is good, but complying with the code is adding $5000 in cost per unit in compliance costs alone just to document, plus another $5000 per unit for the energy conservation upgrades.
  • Planning – Improving density is the goal, until you try to increase density, then the 1236 pages of our Development Code kicks in.  I have a benign duplex infill project pending that Planning has now reviewed 4 times because of a nasty neighbor, with new requirements each review.  It is costing my client thousands in fees to respond to issues Planning should be dismissing,