First off, the 221,000 SF 1st phase of Demody Properties Frankenwarehouse project is nearing completion.  I’ll set the rumors straight – the tenant is Patagonia.  They appear to have rented the entire building, based on their permit for nearly a mile and a half of pallet racking over 8′ high.  The second build of 4 has been sitting idle for a couple months, but now work has resumed and is going backwards and forwards at he same time.  The WWM (welded wire mesh for you construction geeks) for the slab reinforcement has been removed from most of the site, and it appears construction is gearing back up without a slab.  This would indicate a more manufacturing use, where the underslab utilities will be added at a later date.

The real story is what else is planned W of Somersett (and a few projects within it).  I think you should be able to click the map above and make it huge.  West Meadows is already grading and has their final maps approved.  Meridian 120 S should start mass grading any day, and has started to submit their “Master” floor plans for permit.  Meridian 120 S hit the Planning Commission next month.  The Boomtown and Meridian 120 S multi family lots (up to 622 units) are both on the market.  It is rumored that the 676 Stan Lucas property is going to DR Horton and will be submitted in the near future for a Tentative Map.  To the W of the Stan Lucas parcel is the 350 acre Kronish holding – no word on their ultimate intentions, but they are already developing “estate lots” off of the Riverdale development.

So what was once known as Verdi is in for some changes, and in the near shovel ready future.  There are a few thousand acres in private ownership moving up Peavine that are assumed to be public, but are actually developable and Reno will gladly annex them in.  Lots of competition for seats on the deck at Sasquatch in a couple years, Steve Jobs!

I want to make a point about perceived “open space” and developable land.  Caughlin Ranch is surrounded on the western side with developable land, though the County/City will need to approve density.  Both have policies to allow increased density at locations where public utilities and services already exist.

I’d say that it sucks to see my ranchero surrounded by development, but in this case, I’d actually like to see more density.  It takes 6000 or so roof to support a grocery store, and West of Somersett S of the Truckee will never support that as planned.  At some point, a bridge connecting the Boomtown/Garson interchange will need to be built over the Truckee to Old Us 40 now know as W 3rd Street.  In my dreams!