cafe-jefe-logoReno is a hot bed of start-ups and entrepreneurs right now.  Unfortunately, most are uncreditworthy, have limited funding, and business plans that only state that they are going to become the Next BIG Thing.  So convincing a landlord to believe in your business and sign the lease rates an ovation.  Here are a couple new tenants downtown:

  • Cafe Jefe has a bricks and mortal location in the “burbs” on Lakeside, but is probably better known for their bicycle based cold brewed coffee mobile facility.  The are reportedly moments away from signing up at the El Cortez for a 24/7 coffee shop with in-house small batch roastery.
  • RhinoHub is a growing local digital marketing and branding venture.  They are new tenants at Dark Horse Property’s 1139 S Virginia Street project.  It is truly great to see a mix of uses entering in to this MU district.  We need the business/office component to support the commercial/retail component in MidTown.
  • 22 W Taylor Street Salon and Boutique is a new addition at you guessed it, 22 W Taylor Street.  This is a conversion from residential to commercial project, very in keeping with the changing Midtown landscape.
  • Finbomb Sushi Burrito and Poke Bar is coming to the old Aces Tattoo space at 681 (677) SVA.
  • Need to book a room after your bocce binge?  RRenaissance Reno Hotel is accepting reservations for 10 April.  Rates look about 20% above the Marriott Courtyard by the ball park, which doesn’t have trout painted on the ceiling.