• 214 Lake Street is the 17,206 SF parking lot on the corner of 2nd and Lake, kitty corner from our newest hash house.  Purchased for $1,365,000 by Lake Street Property LLC, whose address happens to be the Aces Ballpark.  This makes me think that Simon Properties may be about ready to fire on their Truckee River parcel just to the south at 1st and Lake.
  • Remember the game changing Standard@Reno student housing project that was going to single-handedly rejuvenate Downtown?  Home Depot quality For Sale signs have now been posted on the property.
  • If the West 2nd Street District is about ready to release “ground breaking news”, why are they 2 months late repaying their $55,000+ sewer lean on the Town House Motel?
  • The Wells District has proposed new parking non-requirements to match Midtown.  No parking will be required for bars, restaurants and retail establishments.  Go to page 16 for the specifics.  I generally support this change to get Wells out of its ugly sister position when competing with Midtown.  Cafe Deluxe was erased due to parking requirements.  The huge danger to the City is opening up the Neighborhood Plan for parking revisions without addressing the Residential sections.  I suspect the developers will not support this without a sensible reduction in Residential parking requirements.  All the City has to do is agree to round down on parking requirements (as Sparks has codified).  Their current policy to round-up makes urban residence actually have higher parking requirements than Somersett!
  • TCA is once again starting to terra forming their property at Robb and 80.