big-stuffHere are some scoops and fun facts to know and tell:

  •  Charles Schwab is moving their Headquarters from San Francisco to Rancharrah.  No joke.  No news about the actual size of the development or the number of departments / staff involved in the move.
  • The Switch SUPERNAP Building 1 has gone live.  This is the first hosting building of what will become the world’s largest data center.
  • Apple has submitted a permit for Project Isabel, a 372,893 SF data center and administration project at their existing data center east of Sparks.  This will add over 60% capacity to their existing facility, and they are doing it on one permit. (note – permit now shows as Withdrawn)
  • DR Horton has purchased the West Meadows Estates project out near Verdi for $11.5M.  Not my 1st choice, but certainly a step up from the developer who entitled the project.