9825-svaReno, Sparks, and Washoe are now all on the same Accela permit tracking software.  The URL has been updated, and you can find the search page HERE.  It still has a LOT of bugs to work out, but it is fascinating getting all the information in one place.

Tracking submitted permits is one thing, but tracking actual issued permits is another thing.  Washoe has their weekly Permit Statistical Data, but Reno fell off the charts for a couple of months when the Accela upgrade went south.  DECEMBER reports are starting to show up for Reno.

An interesting application that showed up is WDCA16-0001 for 9825 SVA, a 10.6 acre parcel adjacent to the Southcreek retail complex and across the street from New Yawk Pizza.  The application refers to Section 302, which is Washoe Development Code for permitted uses.  9825 is in the SVA Transit Corridor Zoning already (but where is the transit?) and has pretty much Carte Blanche, so I am a bit confused.  My guess is that additional lands are being proposed to be added from the adjacent Washoe County lands to the SVA Transit Corridor.  We just need to train the permit techs to include more info!