hobbit-house-frontThe Hobbit House at 885 Hill Lane in Verdi just (re) listed for $2,890,000.  I wrote about it a couple of years ago which turns out to be 6 years ago HERE , and the link to the Business Insider article is still live.

My recollection is that it went on and off the market a few times, and the price was eventually reduced to $3.2M or so.  Then it got posted on Concierge Auctions, and “sold” for $1.4M on July 29.  I don’t recall ever seeing any local advertising for the auction.

Is the new owner trying to flip for a $1.5M+ profit?  Or is this a shill deal at its core with the auction being a sham insider deal all along?  The listing photos seem to be the same as from the Business Insider story (weird deer thang crouching beneath the grand piano) which were taken from the Sotheby’s listing.

Any intel from you smarter than me people?

Stuffed Poodles in the Window house on Warrior now has a for sale sign up, though it isn’t on the MLS yet.  There are stories to tell!