horseshoe_club_reno_nvThe Horseshoe building at 229 NVA just sold to Battle Born Properties aka the Keshmiri’s.  Owners of the Methderosa weekly motel and the Wild Orchid and various other strip clubs.  I’m sure the Horseshoe will be renovated for a use up to their standards. (fun fact – there is a sky bridge to 210 N Sierra, future home of On Common Grounds sliding price grocery store.  Don’t get me started on that one – I think their male stripper fundraiser got reconsidered.)

There really is no hope of saving the casino core.  The Carano’s are pouring $50M in interior improvements into their casino holdings, but not a cent that I can see into streetscape and livability improvements.  Retail is still fleeing N Virginia.  We’ve lost a hair salon and a restaurant in the 300 block and it is a ghost town.  Just wait until the Harrah’s bankruptcy gets finalized.

sc-demoFarewell, Sierra Canyon. It is done – the final 5 permits have been filed.  The sales center has been demoed to make way for 2 more units,  Pulte and the HOA were negotiating to turn the sales center into additional amenities for Sierra Canyon which could have been a win-win, but SC could only move at the pace of an HOA.  I’ll miss throwing darts at the Raisin Ranch.

betsy_caughlin_donnelly_ranch_houseMayberry Gardens  – How to try to save a failed garden center at a historic property?  Adding townhouses is going to be a tough sell.  The Reno Historic Resource Commission is already stepping WAY beyond their charter to fight this one.  This will be an interesting case to follow.