arrow-downReno Real Estate Blog will be releasing their monthly median statics in a day or so.  What’s your gut?  FYI, the median dropped 1.75 between September and October 2015.

Prices at the Smithridge Condos are something I track closely – it is an important market indicator for me.  They ballooned to $225+ in the bubble before falling back to $70K.  They have been inching towards $140K for the last couple of months, but no one has breached that barrier yet.  I feel good about that.

I just feel uneasy about the market right now.  The builders aren’t building, and the only reasonable deals I see out there are properties that have gone through at least 1 foreclosure (and I’ve even got a triple!).  None of the Ladies Who Lunch at Napa Sonoma are comparing their portfolios any more.

Montreux properties are selling below 2002 pre-bubble prices.  Somersett is recovering to 2005 or so – the lost decade.  I know we are supposed to be feeling giddy about our regional growth, but I’m not feeling it.  Are you?