sjv2-page-0Here is your chance to purchase 1177 unimproved dirt lots for $67,100 each.  The remainder of St. James Village and the ghetto Sierra Reflections. Convenient to nothing.  Washoe is usually better than this when reviewing sprawl.

Want to buy Marco Rubio’s old campaign HQ?  1 E Liberty is on the market for $21,485,000.  VERY sketchy pro forma and project rents, especially based on “growing” the building to BOMA standards, but it is good to see a detail if flawed analysis from the listing brokerage.  “Load Factor” is the space a tenant pays for outside its physical premises.  In an efficient building, this will be 15-17%.  Eyeballing 1 E Liberty, I’d guess the load factor is over 30%.

Garden Center to Townhouses?  Messy situation, but Reno will cave.

You can also buy the land under Brasserie St. James if you have a lot of pocket cash.  Would be interesting to read the “new lease” terms before passing judgement on the price.

I forget why I flagged Marshall Ranch.  Very interesting property.

I’m back!